I am surprisingly well, having rediscovered myself and my appreciation for life. Yes, it is discovering the magic moments that make the day complete and perfect despite what can happen -  such moments can never be taken away and are extended into everything you do.

Invariably, it is the horse that triggers this feeling for me and may do the same for you: raises us above ourselves, both physically and mentally. But why should this be necessary?

"Consciousness today has grown enormously in breadth and extent, but unfortunately only in the spatial dimension and not in the temporal, otherwise, we should have a much more living sense of history. If our consciousness were not of today only, but had historical continuity, we should be reminded of similar transformations of the gods in Greek philosophy, and this might dispose us to be more critical of our present philosophical assumptions. We are, however, effectively prevented from indulging in such reflections by the spirit of the age." Jung 

So how do you break that spell? Yes, the horses, but how specifically?Today I looked out of my bedroom window and Frida was looking up at me.... could I have photographed that? Yes, if I had had the camera at the ready, yes, if the battery had been charged ahead of time. Preparation is important and I wasn't prepared although I was lucky enough to experience the moment.

But could the camera have captured what I felt? The pleasure that she was looking for me, at me, wanting to reach me? The pleasure I felt seeing the glossy black reflection running up and down her head, reflecting health and vitality?

“Matter is just as inscrutable as mind.” Jung 

But I would speak of it... I would tell others about it, even knowing just how impossible it is to convey a direct experience.

“Man's advance toward the Logos was a great achievement, but he must pay for it with a loss of instinct and loss of reality to the degree that he remains in primitive dependence on words.” Jung

Yes, we pride ourselves on our words, but they must remain forever superficial. At best sign posts pointing to the heavenly world that at times we chance upon and are re-membered.

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