A few words about my vision and perspective of the estate: many years ago now, I was walking over the Downs in Bristol, feeling low and unhappy when my dog barked abruptly, and I suddenly became aware of EVERYTHING around me right down to each blade of grass. In short, the dog had opened my eyes to the beauty that surrounds us and the amazing future that each of us can experience. 

The phenomenon described is written about in mythology around the world. It takes many forms like the three headed dog, Cerberus, or, in other instances, three separate animals that show us the past, present and future -the wolf, lion and dog, for example. 
However, what the myths have in common is the role of the dog that ushers in the future by making us aware that we all belong to a unitary state of consciousness, whether man, animal, plant or mineral.

If you look at the outline of the Forest Garden Estate doesn't it remind you of a dog's head? Our objective is to 'usher in a better, brighter future' and, naturally, we'd like to include YOU.

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