I am getting to work on Equine Assisted English Education - language and thinking to usher in the Post Consumer Era - it is my inevitable return to teaching:-)

The idea is to focus on process not product. I imagine thinking that reflects 'doing' rather than being 'done-in' by misleading concepts defining success and failure. The greatest functional linguist Halliday pointed out years ago that the way English is structured in the form of nominalization makes it inflexible and inherently conservative. It is highly likely that such product-based thinking is going to be the death of us, so it is high time to recycle it, unravel the processes focusing on meaning in an existential sense.

Blake portrayed humanity's evolution in the form of a child being carried by a giant, but what would happen if we substitute the giant for a horse? The horse in its truth-bearing role? Something WONDERFUL!

A lively understandable spirit Once entertained you. It will come again. Be still. Wait. - wrote Theodore Roethke  .... Clearly, Theodore had an inner spirit in mind, but there are others that awaken the first. As I look out at our horses, I see the Holy Trinity and mine is filled with their amazing grace.


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