It is strawberry time and here is its secret message: humanity is still sufficiently diverse in its genes so that what affects one adversely affects another conversely – it can be a powerful medicine promoting health and well being under specific circumstances.

On a humorous note, a strawberry reminds me of the pores on my nose... eaten in combination with yoghurt the pores are covered as I eat the strawberry and then I seek the flavour of the strawberry in the cream... I don't feel I want to taste it directly... and when I do I feel disappointed: it doesn't taste right... And there is a reverse side to this. I don't much like plain yoghurt. It doesn't taste right. I like its taste in combination with strawberry or apricot. This seems to be very specific - very specific to me and my state of being and the time of year. It is not something that attracts me at all in winter but rather in Spring and Summer. Hence, at certain times, I reach out, consume and am consumed by strawberries and cream so that I am part of the strawberry. My nose and the strawberry are as one. But I would not bite my nose off to spite my face – caution, moderation, the right balance of 'face' cream....  

And when there is little fruit, what about strawberry leaf infusion? - a cool, healthy drink for most of us!

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