"Live and let live and discover your own brand of Emotional Heroism" ICR
"If you want more participation, you must permit more freedom." ICR
"As things stand, sooner or later, they will come and eat them; expressing the horses' message is my top priority!
How can you make something out of nothing? Nothing comes from nothing. People have been piecing their existence together from the beginning of time, yes, little by little. Hence, the challenge is to create something lasting that can not be 'taken' away. That stands invincible - a powerful meme. Hence, I have been working around the notion of a health and fitness centre - THE MOST AMAZING HEALTH AND FITNESS CENTRE OF ALL TIMES.
Well, I can just imagine the response 'this' is likely to create: the horses are very proud of you: neigh sayers, aren't we all? And rightly so - to be discerning is of the utmost importance, for the road to Hell is paved with Good Intensions, isn't it?
Did you know that in every horse there is a still-born foal that never saw the light of day, unrealized lost potential?  And this is not just true of the horse but each of us as well! So my intention is to help you discover the song of the horses and teach you to sing it loud and clear. Come on. Put your life on the line and shine: discover the joys of excellent health.

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